I thought I had taken some lovely photographs of the children this week, showing how far they had come on with their phonics. We have been working on blending cvc words and some children are beginning to be able to write cvc words independently. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the class camera and the photographs have not saved!

I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and very generous gifts, I am very touched and have been completely spoiled. I have had a fabulous time working with the class and wish the children and all their families every success in the future!

Have a great holiday!

Mrs Rodgers

Cosmic Yoga

The weather was making it very difficult to allow us outside for our PE lesson last week so we had a yoga session in the classroom using the Smartboard. Everyone loved this so much that we all wanted to do it again on Friday! Hopefully we’ll manage out side this week as well as having another yoga session.


Everyone is making good progress with learning their phonics. We love our ‘phonic disco’ where we use our Jolly Phonic actions to dance along to the music. The Jolly Phonic songs are hot favourites too! Google Jolly Phonics songs if you’d like to have some extra practice at home. We are now learning to sound cvc words (Consonant Vowel Consonant) such as pin, cat, tap, net etc and blend the letters using our ‘robot arms’ so that we can read the words. This is a challenging skill but we are making good progress.

Can you guess the sounds we are making in the photographs?

Class Visitor

We were delighted to welcome Dr Rutherford and his ‘friend’ Harry to our class to tell us more about our bodies. Everyone was really interested in the skeleton (Harry) and we were fascinated to see the bone which one of our class mates has broken in his arm. Mrs Rodgers had her blood pressure taken- definitely more running and gym visits needed! We all loved the video of a heart beating too. Thanks very much to Dr Rutherford for giving up his time to come and talk to us on his day off, we really appreciate it.


We have been learning about our bodies. Everyone enjoyed making diagrams in small groups showing the main parts of our body. Look out for our diagrams next time you come into the classroom.


What fun we had with Miss MacDonald last week! We had some lovely activities to help us remember our ‘n’ sound and letter. First we made some chocolate nests, then we joined up with our friends in P1B to make some nests outdoors.

Numeracy in P1

Mrs Rodgers was so impressed with our independence skills during Numeracy today that she took some photographs to share with you. We have been learning important skills like sharing, taking turns and listening to others while we play our games. Today we were learning to

  • play Dominoes with Mrs H
  • match numbers to the Numicon independently
  • play Dice Bingo independently
  • learn numbers before and after to 10 with Mrs Rodgers

Everyone is making progress and we love singing the number songs, especially the ones which get us up and moving around!

Storytime with our Buddies

We were all missing our buddies so we decided to have a storytime with them. The Buddies came over on Friday afternoon to read us a story which we loved. It was a great session so we are hoping to have them in class again soon to do something else with us and share our learning.

House Groups

Everyone has been allocated to one of our school house groups. I have attached a list so that you know which house your child is in as some of the names are tricky to remember. In class, I usually say the colour and the name. At lining up time, we have been learning to make two lines, a blue and yellow line who stand on the right as you look at the door, and a green and red line who stand on the left. Hopefully everyone will have the hang of it by the end of the week!

House Groups

Week 2

What a great week we’ve had! Two new sounds introduced, lots of storytelling, writing and numeracy work along with art, PE and singing. Everyone has tried really hard and we are becoming very confident with our school routines. We sat beautifully in assembly today and had a great photo session with the Courier photographer this morning.

I have added our Learning Overview for this term below. This gives you a snapshot of what we will be learning about this term. Our topic is Marvellous Me, if you are able to offer any help with this topic, please let us know. We would love a nurse or doctor to come in and talk to us about our body. If you have any other ideas, please share them!

P1A Learning Overview Term 1

The First Week

Everyone did so well in their first week at school. There were lots of yawns on Friday as the week caught up with us. We had a taste of most curriculum areas in class with all the children participating well. There was phonics, reading, numeracy, PE, Golden Time and lots of socialising with our new friends. Mrs Rodgers is looking forward to another positive week! Keep following the blog for more photos of our exploits!


Our Very First Day of School!

We all had a lovely first day at school. The time passed so quickly and we had lots of fun getting to know each other a wee bit better. We learned our first sound (s), were introduced to our reading book characters who are called Biff, Chip and Kipper and sang a counting song. Our Buddies looked after us really well at break and lunch. After lunch, we had a story and went on a mystery tour of the school- we got to meet Mrs MacDonald and Mrs Fraser who work in the office and met the cook, Mrs Jones. After that Mrs Rodgers took everyone into the staffroom for a sneaky look at where the teachers go at playtime and break- don’t tell anyone,  but we had a wee sit in the teachers’ seats!

Here are some photos of our exploits today!

Welcome to the P1A blog!


First Day of School

The first day of school

Can be hard for Mum and Dad.

Part of you feels excited,

The other part feels sad.

For many years you’ve held their hand

And have been their loving guide

Now you know the time has come to leave them by my side.

But it is only for a little while

As your child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day

They will share with you all they know.

So as you walk away

Don’t worry anymore.

I’ll take care of those precious gifts

When you leave them at my door.

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