The First Week

Everyone did so well in their first week at school. There were lots of yawns on Friday as the week caught up with us. We had a taste of most curriculum areas in class with all the children participating well. There was phonics, reading, numeracy, PE, Golden Time and lots of socialising with our new friends. Mrs Rodgers is looking forward to another positive week! Keep following the blog for more photos of our exploits!


Our Very First Day of School!

We all had a lovely first day at school. The time passed so quickly and we had lots of fun getting to know each other a wee bit better. We learned our first sound (s), were introduced to our reading book characters who are called Biff, Chip and Kipper and sang a counting song. Our Buddies looked after us really well at break and lunch. After lunch, we had a story and went on a mystery tour of the school- we got to meet Mrs MacDonald and Mrs Fraser who work in the office and met the cook, Mrs Jones. After that Mrs Rodgers took everyone into the staffroom for a sneaky look at where the teachers go at playtime and break- don’t tell anyone,  but we had a wee sit in the teachers’ seats!

Here are some photos of our exploits today!

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First Day of School

The first day of school

Can be hard for Mum and Dad.

Part of you feels excited,

The other part feels sad.

For many years you’ve held their hand

And have been their loving guide

Now you know the time has come to leave them by my side.

But it is only for a little while

As your child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day

They will share with you all they know.

So as you walk away

Don’t worry anymore.

I’ll take care of those precious gifts

When you leave them at my door.

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