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ELC – Norovirus Information

We have received updated guidelines regarding the winter vomiting bug ‘Norovirus’.  A reminder to all parents/carers that if a child has been unwell, they are stay off for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness.  

If you require any further information, please see the leaflets located in the ELC cloakroom. 

Thank you.

ELC- Ach an Eas, Week 3

During today’s adventure to the care home the children made bird cakes with the residents.

“We used coconut oil and seeds to crush it together.”- Angus J

“I chosed a circle (mould) and put it in the freezer.”- Rory

We also had special visit from one of Santa’s Elves who popped in to say hi!

ELC – Spare Clothing

If your child has come home wearing nursery clothing, please can you wash the items and return them to nursery as our spare clothes are running low or if you have any child’s clothes you wish to donate to the nursery, this would be much appreciated. Many thanks!

ELC Lost Property – November 2018

Our Lost Property box is beginning to grow arms and legs! Do any of these items belong to your child? Lots of zippy hoodies, woolly hats and toys to be returned to their homes! Please remember to have a look through our box the next time you’re in. If they are not claimed before the Christmas holidays, the items will be donated to charity. Many thanks, the ELC team.

ELC – Road Safety Week

This week, the children have been learning about road safety.  In art we made our own pelican crossing, complete with traffic lights and the children have demonstrated how to cross the road safely.  Some children have been out on a walk and have used these in a real life situation.












In our maths activity, the children have been matching different road signs.  When doing this they have been describing shapes colours and some have been able to identify their meaning.

ELC – Forest School (Week3)

Today we were a bit unlucky with the weather, but it didn’t stop us from having fun! We enjoyed some lovely toasted bagels with jam and butter for snack, and some children even tried the bananas we cooked on the fire with chocolate inside, yummy! They are becoming more aware of the fire and how to stay safe around it, using new vocabulary such as “embers”, “smoke” and “sparks”. While exploring the woods, we came across a pair of gloves belonging to our friend in Primary One so we brought them back to school for her. Sarah also found a spider on the fallen tree that she “looked after carefully” when showing her friends.

Ach an Eas- Week 2

This week we decorated melted snowmen biscuits with the residents. The children and residents took turns to make the icing and decorated their biscuit using marshmallows, breadsticks and smarties. Whilst tasting their finished product they enjoyed a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows! The children are beginning to build friendships with some of the residents.

Ach an Eas-Week 1

The children enjoyed their first visit to Ach an Eas Care Home. We spent time creating some leaf rubbings to show the residents. We also threw a tea party for one of the ladies who celebrated a very special birthday the week before. She turned a hundred and four years old! Keep your eyes peeled for more of our Ach an Eas adventures!

ELC – People who help us

We have been learning about the people who help us and different job roles within our community.  Some children took a visit to the pharmacy on Thursday and to DC Hair Design and Lochardil House Hotel on Friday.  The staff were so lovely, describing what they do and how they help people in different ways.

ELC – Forest School (Week2)

Today Miss McNeil toasted some scones on the fire for the children, which most of them thoroughly enjoyed with some butter and jam! We went exploring through the woods to a fallen tree where the boys and girls regularly like to climb up and slide back down the muddy hill. Lexie demonstrated excellent balancing skills! At the end of the session, we played near the entrance to the woods and Shona managed to climb up a tree independently!

ELC – Cinema Trip

The boys and girls had a great trip to Vue Cinema to watch Hotel Transylvania 3, learning about treating everybody the same.  The children all sat so well both on the bus and in the cinema.

The staff absolutely loved taking them and are proud of each and every one of them.



ELC – Important Letters

We have been made aware that sometimes these letters do not always make it home.  Either they have fallen out of little hands or taken out of trays through the day and got lost.  With this in mind, we will have a list of all current important letters/information up on the board in the ELC cloakroom.  We will also continue to put them into trays and remind children and parents to check trays daily.

The most recent letter regarding the intergenerational work at the care home is in trays today, on the board and a copy is attached here.  If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the ELC.

Intergenerational work

ELC – Looking for Mud Kitchen Items

Our mud kitchen is lacking some essential cooking equipment.  We are looking to fill it with old pots and pans, plastic bowls and utensils.  Please, if you have any thing you don’t use any more in the back of the cupboard and would be willing to donate, could you pass it into the nursery or to reception.

Thank you in advance.


ELC – Forest School (Week1)

It was our first Forest Session of the year today with some nursery boys and girls! We introduced some of our safety rules, for example, “not going past the stop signs” at our base camp and remembering to “stay where you can see the adults at all times”. Today, they showed interest in building a den, so we collected some “big sticks to tie together”!