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ELC – 20 x 10 Sponsored Run

Well done to all the children who took part in the Ashie House 20 x 10 Sponsored Run on Wednesday.  The children had great fun doing as many laps as they could !!  If you’re not sure how many laps your child completed, please speak to a member of staff as we have them recorded.

Sponsor money is due in on Wednesday 10th October.  Thank you to parents/carers for your continued support.


Autumn has Arrived – ELC

The children have been discussing the changes they have noticed with the seasons and discussing what happens at this time of year.  We have been collecting autumnal things such as different coloured leaves, conkers and beech nuts and discussing the differences between them.  Some children have made their own jigsaw’s by ripping leaves into a few pieces, mixing them up and putting them back together.  Our home corner is now a Halloween themed house and the children have loved playing with all things pumpkin !!




Macmillan Coffee Morning-ELC

ELC Macmillan Coffee Morning Friday 28th September

Parents of children in the ELC are invited along on Friday 28th September 10am to 11am for some cakes and a cup of tea. Why not take a look through your child’s learning pathway and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Any baking donations are welcome.


Circle Time – Nursery

We have created a new visual aid for the children to use at circle time.

This is to help children understand what will happen at circle time, help with early reading and have a timeline of the day.  Children are encouraged to develop literacy skills by mark making their name if they are special helper and review time at the end of the day.


Messy Play at Nursery

We understand that children can sometimes come home messy after a day at nursery, but there are so many new and different skills they have been developing.  Have a look at the display in the nursery hall way to see what skills are being developed…


Potato Planting

During outside play the children have had the opportunity to be involved with planting potatoes.  We have planted them into pots and they are keeping warm in the poly tunnel.  We hope to harvest and prepare them just in time for Christmas dinner !!


This week in Nursery, the children have been exploring different ways to find out new information about Sharks.  They have found out what different types of sharks there are in the sea, what they eat, how big they are and lots more.  Ask your child if they can recall any of the interesting facts we have been learning about.

Betsy brought in a picture of her dad with a basking shark and the children watched a video of Miss Allardice swimming with basking sharks during her summer holiday.



Harvesting Carrots

Yesterday children had the opportunity to help harvest our carrots which were planted before the summer holidays.  At circle time we looked at the carrots and all their different shapes and sizes and we got to taste some that had been washed and chopped.

‘We’ve been pulling out carrots’ – Archie P

‘We have to take the skin off them with the black bits’ – Reuben

‘They’ve been growing outside’ – Harrison

‘We have to wash them’ – Yvie

‘Bunnies eat carrot’ – Skylah