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This week in Nursery, the children have been exploring different ways to find out new information about Sharks.  They have found out what different types of sharks there are in the sea, what they eat, how big they are and lots more.  Ask your child if they can recall any of the interesting facts we have been learning about.

Betsy brought in a picture of her dad with a basking shark and the children watched a video of Miss Allardice swimming with basking sharks during her summer holiday.



Harvesting Carrots

Yesterday children had the opportunity to help harvest our carrots which were planted before the summer holidays.  At circle time we looked at the carrots and all their different shapes and sizes and we got to taste some that had been washed and chopped.

‘We’ve been pulling out carrots’ – Archie P

‘We have to take the skin off them with the black bits’ – Reuben

‘They’ve been growing outside’ – Harrison

‘We have to wash them’ – Yvie

‘Bunnies eat carrot’ – Skylah




Our Learning!

This week we have been learning about sharing in Nursery.

To support this we have been reading the book ‘Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister.
We have also been looking at and discussing creatures that live under the sea.

For next week we are going to be looking at what lives in the sea and what we already know about them.

Please have a look at  our learning wall in the Nursery.

Highland Speech & Language Therapy

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*Advice Line*

Highland Speech and Language Therapy are offering sessions every Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm.  There will be members of the Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Teams available during these times to answer any questions or concerns you ay have about your childs development.

The advice line is open to all parents/carers and professionals to access.

If you do wish to speak to a member of these teams, please call 07785 477686 between these times.

Sleep Support

Sleep Scotland are offering support to parents/carers of children aged 18 months to 18 years. Sleep counselling is aimed at parents and carers of young people with additional support needs, a support call service for all families across Scotland, and workshops for parents.  Sleep counselling is provided by trained professionals, and helps parents and carers by giving them specific, tried and tested behavioural and cognitive techniques to adapt their child’s night-time behaviour.

Web –

Email –

Tel – 0131 651 1392


Nursery Resources

We are looking for some new resources for our nursery garden to offer new learning opportunities for our children.  We would be looking for the following items if anyone has anything going spare and they wish to donate;

Pots and Pans for our Mud Kitchen

Large sturdy cars and trucks for our Construction Area

Spare guttering for a Water Wall

Thank you in advance from all in the ELC.

See the source image    See the source image     See the source image

Welcome Back

Image result for welcome backWelcome back from all the staff in the ELC.

We do hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!  Its was lovely to see so many happy faces this morning and we are looking forward to meeting more throughout the week.

Information for Parents;

If collecting at 12 noon, please could you come to the back of nursery where you will be able to sign your children out from their assigned group (Rainbow or Buttercup).  This is due to children arriving into nursery at 12, so it will help to ease congestion in the hallway.

Please could all belongings be named so we can return them if they go astray.  Lost property is located under the table in the Nursery hall way.  Anything that we do find that isn’t named will be popped in there so please check if you are missing anything.