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Pr 7 World of Work Helpers needed please

We have session 4 booked in for World of Work on Thursday 17th January. We leave at 11.45 am and return 2.45 pm. Currently we have no helpers. If you can spare the time or know of anyone who could help us then please let us know.

Pupils require a packed lunch on Thursday due to an earlier lunch break.

Thank you for your help.



Our first week back at school was a very busy and exciting one. P4 have been extremely hard working and enthusiastic about their learning this term.

We are continuing to use class dojo which P4 are extremely motivated by. We have now made table groups and will be rewarded in groups for team work.

Our topic this term is Mary Queen of Scots. The children have shown a very high level of engagement with our lessons this week. We enjoyed discussing Mary’s early life and learning about other significant individuals from the past related to Mary.

In literacy, we have been looking at the layout of a letter. We wrote thank you letters to Santa for our gifts.

We also completed a movie comparison on Billionaire Boy. We identified lots of differences between the book and movie, including an important character missing from the movie!


In maths we revised the properties of 3D shapes and have been working hard at reading and writing the time on both analogue and digital clocks.

We are going to be doing problem solving weekly this term. Here is a peek at today’s task

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to another busy week again next week.


Miss Graham

P5/6 Week 1 of Term 3

We have had a great first week back. Behaviour , effort and listening have been fantastic this week! 

We have introduced a secret student jar. At the end of each day a name is picked from the jar. If that person has been responsible, respectful and hard working, all day, they get a small sweet or prize. 

This week we have been very busy! In maths we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. It’s tricky but we are all getting the hang of it . We also completed our Key Assessment Task that will be issued with our Numeracy learning pathway. Mrs MacDonald was  VERY impressed at everyone’s effort, perseverance and concentration during the challenge. Everyone did great and should be super proud ! It was very challenging and we had to take our time because we had to read the scenario very carefully and pick our key information in order to answer the questions. 

In literacy we have been up levelling our sentences using Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP). We have also been taking some time to practice our joined hand writing. 

Primary 6 were intriguing by their first session of Bible Alive .

Our new topic is China.  We have created our topic cover pages and learned some interesting facts . We also found out about China’s one child policy and how it recently changed. We identified lots of links to our rights and global goals during this learning including : Goal 5 Gender Equality and Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

At the start of the week, we set personal and class “word goals” for this term, linking with our right to be supported to live and grow and Global Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being . 

On Wednesday, next week we are excited to be getting tennis lessons , so we need to remember to bring our PE kit on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

As you can see we have had an action packed, busy week so I hope that you all have a fabulous chilled out weekend.




2D shapes – Primary 2

The children have been exploring 2D shapes in and around our school. They can identify, name and describe the features using appropriate vocabulary.   We went on a shape hunt in the playground but we couldn’t find any pentagons!  Can you find any of these shapes at home or on the way to school?



Primary 1A – Week 1


Primary 1A have had a fantastic first week back at school!

I am so impressed with how hard they have all been working and how raring to go and full of beans they have all been since coming back to school on Monday.

I have loved having them all back in my classroom and it has been a joy to hear everything you have been getting up to over the Christmas break.

We have got a big and busy term ahead of us and we will be cramming lots of fun and exciting things in.

This we did a lot of talking about what we did in the holidays. We talked about Christmas day and we wrote thank you letters to Santa. We also talked about New Year and what that meant. To celebrate it being a new year we got very messy and made lovely new year fireworks using our hand prints!

We have also been making sure we still remember our phonics sounds from before the holidays so we played a game where we sorted lots of words into their initial sound group. I was so impressed with how well Primary 1 worked together to sound out each of the words. Very well done!

I hope you all have a lovely relaxed weekend and you do lots of things you love doing!

I will see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday morning!


Miss Munro 🙂


Star of the Week – Primary 1A

Primary 1A star of the week for our first week back is Tobi! Tobi has worked really hard all week on his word building and finding the numbers that go before and after up to 10.

Tobi has given super answers and ideas during all of our circle time discussion this week on being healthy and exercising, our new Scotland topic and when we talked about the stars in science!

He also spent time helping others in the class when he had finished his own work. 🙂

Well Done Tobi!

Miss Munro

Primary 4/5

I will put up my ‘Termly Overview’ next week.

Can I say a HUGE thank you on behalf of Mrs H and myself for all the lovely pressies. We were really overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

Thank you also for the prompt return of your requests for a parent/teacher interview. I will get back to you with times as soon as possible.


Anne P


P6/7 – Primary 6 Bible Alive and Primary 7 Enterprise

This week we had our first Bible Alive session which focused on the first part of the Old Testament. We learnt about what Christians believe happened in the beginning and looked at stories such as Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark. The best part was that some of us even got to dress up as some of the biblical characters (see below for Rowan’s interpretation of Noah!). We are looking forward to the next 6 weeks.

While the primary 6s were busy the primary 7s teamed up with the primary 5s from P5/6 to work on an enterprise project for Blythswood, who are raising money for the fire services. P5 and P7 were busy generating ideas for their venture and have come up with an excellent product to sell. Once we have signed up we will receive £25 from the  charity to help us kick-start our business. We hope to raise as much money as possible in the 4 weeks we will have to run our business. Keep your eyes peeled  for more information soon!

P2/3 Topic

10/1/19   Today we worked a bit more on  maps and we watched a  video clip that told us       more about the Vikings. 


The longships were made of oak.

They used to name their swords ( just like a family member). One was called Fearsome Leg-Splitter. Next week we are starting to make swords and will name ours too,  just like the Vikings did! 

If you have any  cardboard tubes from kitchen roll, foil, clingfilm or wrapping paper inserts, please save them and we can use them for our swords. I have about 1/2 a dozen but we do need more. Just send them in anytime from now on. Thanks!