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P 7 Cross Country Champions! 12.10.18

Well done to the runners in the South Highland Schools Cross Country Team. The boys came back with the trophy as Ross and Sam were placed 1st and 8th. Michael came in 5th so that pushed our points total up. The girls did very well too.

Thank you to the parent volunteers. 

Lochardil Industries

Please support our Pr 7 Young Apprentice group who have a wonderful product to share with you at the Open Morning.

We have entered a competition to  raise funds for the Hospice by setting up our own business.

We have been given a loan of £50 and hope to generate a profit from selling our fabulous portable game. All money received goes to the Highland Hospice.

Sale table at reception. See you there!

Thank you for your support.

Pr 7 World of Work Session 1 Animation

We developed our programming, communication and teamwork skills today during our first visit to World of Work, Skills Development Scotland on Church Street. Alessio taught us how to programme the 8 x 8 grid with  a number  1 or 0.

We are already looking forward to our next session

Pr 7 Youth Action Team Substance Misuse Visit 4.10.18

We had an interactive workshop today with KIm and Leah from the Youth Action Team. They work alongside pupils to support them with drug, tobacco and drink issues. We got the message – “put positive things into your body and get positive things out!”

“It was a fun way to learn.” ABI

“I didn’t know the fine for littering was £60″ GRACE

” I learned about the dangers of solvents.” RORIE

“I didn’t know that glue could be so harmful or dangerous.” GAVIN

“Taking alcohol or drugs can increase your risk of behaving in an anti-social manner.” DOUGLAS

Pr 7 Sponsored Run and Art 3.10.18

Article 28,29

We’ve had a very active day running round in circles! We supported our buddies by running alongside them and counting their laps. We enjoyed our own run in between painting our art perspective pictures.

Please return sponsor money by Wednesday 10th October. Thank you for supporting us to raise money for school equipment.


Pr 7 Discursive Writing 10.10.18

Should society be more sympathetic to drug addicts?

This is the title of our writing for next week. Some additional reading and preparation can be done by using these links.


YOU TUBE – Addiction Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


P 7 Open Morning Invitation 9.10.18

All welcome to our Literacy Open Morning with a Reading focus. Come and see the materials we use for our weekly reading sessions and some of the activities we do to develop our reading skills. There will be a comment feedback sheet about “What’s Working Well” and “Even Better If”  about literacy/reading for you to fill in,  if you have time,  before you leave. We look forward to having you along.

TUESDAY 10 OCTOBER 11.00 am – 11.45 am

P 7 Sphero Workshop 28.9.18

We used our maths and communication skills at the University when we attended a Sphero Workshop. We completed several challenges: Making the “robot” move along a line, make a square adding in light and sound effects and then getting it to dance! Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped.

Substance Misuse experiments





As part of our topic work, we have been carrying out some experiments to find out the effects of smoking and alcohol on living things. This did not prove to be 100% successful but our predictions that the bean soaked in milk would grow best was correct.

We also mixed yeast, sugar and warm water and watched the balloon inflate with the production of CO2 gas as a by product of the fermentation process. We didn’t really like the yeasty smell.

Star Pupil of the Month

We are delighted to share the news about our first Star Pupil. Sophie is a diligent and hard worker who just gets on with everything setting a good example to everyone in class. Well done!

Good job!

Kirking of the Council

An ancient Inverness ceremony – the Kirking of the Council – took place on Sunday, 9 September 2018.


Staff and Members of The Highland Council along with guests from the University of the Highlands and Islands and community councils joined the parade, led by the Royal British Legion Scotland (Inverness Branch) pipes and drums, and the City of Inverness Youth Pipe Band along with uniformed youth groups and school representatives. Also attending was the Mayor of Inverness’s twin town, St Valery en Caux, France, Mme Dominique Chauvel, and her deputy.


Our House and Vice Captains enjoyed being part of the celebration and represented the school with pride and excellent behaviour. Well done

P7 Outdoor Music Station

Primary 7 are hoping to make a music station. If you or anyone you know have any metal lids, pots and pans or wooden spoons you don’t need, we would love to have them.  If you do have anything  then please bring it to Primary 7 Room 16. We would really appreciate anything you can give us. Thank you.