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Substance Misuse experiments





As part of our topic work, we have been carrying out some experiments to find out the effects of smoking and alcohol on living things. This did not prove to be 100% successful but our predictions that the bean soaked in milk would grow best was correct.

We also mixed yeast, sugar and warm water and watched the balloon inflate with the production of CO2 gas as a by product of the fermentation process. We didn’t really like the yeasty smell.

Kirking of the Council

An ancient Inverness ceremony – the Kirking of the Council – took place on Sunday, 9 September 2018.


Staff and Members of The Highland Council along with guests from the University of the Highlands and Islands and community councils joined the parade, led by the Royal British Legion Scotland (Inverness Branch) pipes and drums, and the City of Inverness Youth Pipe Band along with uniformed youth groups and school representatives. Also attending was the Mayor of Inverness’s twin town, St Valery en Caux, France, Mme Dominique Chauvel, and her deputy.


Our House and Vice Captains enjoyed being part of the celebration and represented the school with pride and excellent behaviour. Well done

P7 Outdoor Music Station

Primary 7 are hoping to make a music station. If you or anyone you know have any metal lids, pots and pans or wooden spoons you don’t need, we would love to have them.  If you do have anything  then please bring it to Primary 7 Room 16. We would really appreciate anything you can give us. Thank you.

Pr 7 Smoking Experiment

We were shocked and disgusted by the results of our experiment today which showed us the product of smoking. We had 7 cigarettes and made a simple smoking “machine”. The cotton wool was stained and brown. We didn’t like the smell.







Pr 7 Class Charter

We selected the rights we thought were most relevant to our class. We thought about the A,B,C,D and E of rights. (Universal, Inalienable, Inherent, Indivisible, Unconditional). We know that having our rights is incredible!




Pr 7

Mind the gap! Tooth fairy busy tonight

Welcome to the Pr 7 Blog. We have already been busy with our buddies and had 2 dental incidents with teeth falling out simultaneously!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you regularly.