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P6/7 – Maths Is Fun!

In Primary 6/7 we are always looking to find different ways to learn to keep things fun and exciting. This week we have already enjoyed making 3D shape models. We drew the nets of the shapes and wrote facts about each of the shapes before constructing our models.

We also enjoyed a sensory activity linked to multiplication. We had to search in the beads to find four numbers and arrange these to make a multiplication sum. Our partners checked our answers using a calculator.

P6/7 – Open Morning

Reminder that our open morning takes place on the updated day of Wednesday 13th March from 9.15 to 10.00. We will be sharing all of the learning we have done for our ‘Natural Disasters’ topic.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you next week.

P6/7 – Rotary Quiz Champions

A HUGE well done to our Rotary Quiz team (consisting of Gavin, Rorie, Sam, Reese and James) who came top of the leader board last night with 104 points out of 120!

The quiz consisted of 10 rounds, ranging from literature to science. Our team demonstrated great cooperative skills and worked together to beat 12 other school teams.

They are delighted to be taking the shield back to Lochardil and are looking forward to the regional competition later this year!

Bookfair Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners! Book tokens to spend at the Book Fair are being shared out to some very keen readers!

Emily and Lauren from Pr 6/7 – playing squash

Clara Pr 3 – up a tree

Roddy Pr 3 – brushing his teeth in the shower

Ava    Pr 6 – at her Judo class

Thank you to everyone who took part.

BOOKFAIR OPENS TODAY. Use your World Book Day Token and enjoy a great story.

Collaborating with Chromebooks Information Evening for Parents – 27.03.19

The Digital Dynamos pupil group would like to invite all parents/carers to their ‘Collaborating with Chromebooks’ Information Evening on Wednesday 27th March from 6-7pm in our school gym hall.  

The Digital Dynamos will be presenting throughout the evening and everyone will get a chance to use, learn and play with our new Chromebooks and Chromebook tablets, as well as other mobile devices we have available at school.  More details are intended to follow regarding this exciting family learning event!

Attention All Parents!!

Important E-safety Information for Parents

It has become apparent in a number of classes across the school, that there has been a significant amount of discussion regarding the ‘Momo Challenge’.  As a school, we are keen to promote digital safety and encourage our pupils to stay safe whilst online, at both school and home, by making responsible choices.  This also encompasses our core values as a school and we therefore try to promote and encourage our pupils to share concerns and be responsible in their online usage.

Many parents/carers may already be fully aware from national media coverage that this is a challenge presented on certain social media outlets that many of our children use frequently.

We are always working hard to ensure online safety, and in light of current topics in the media we have attached some parent information as support below for you to peruse:

What Is the Dangerous Momo Challenge on Social Media? (Parent Video)

We hope you find all of this information useful in supporting your children and all our pupils and ultimately keeping them safe online.

The Lochardil Team.

P6/7 – My World of Work Session 5

On Friday P6/7 visit World of Work for out 5th time this year.

This session was brand new and allowed us to create our own computer game characters, learning the basics behind design and how to incorporate them into a game. We had a great time as many of us are very interested in computer games and it was great to experience how our favourite games are brought to life.

Book Fair March 6th – 11th

Celebrate World Book Day on March 7th with a new book from the Scholastic Book fair. 

March 6th – 11th. Books are in the open area outside Room 10. 

Pupils can buy books through the day or after school until 3.15.

COMPETITION TIME! Win  a £5 book token to use at the Book Fair. Bring in a photo of yourself reading  a book. Prizes go the most unusual location/place/idea!

Entries to the office by Tuesday 5th March. Have fun reading out and about or even upside down!


Pr 7 Fundraiser

Thank you for the support today. We have raised about £208. The amount and quality of the baking was fantastic – plenty to tempt and feed everyone. The stalls went well and we all shared our talents and skills. We can cost out  our Edinburgh trip as we include the Disco money with today’s amount.

Have a lovely long weekend!

P5 and P6 Pupils – Scottish Opera

Just to let you know we have been able accommodate all requested tickets that have been previous asked for, for our performance tomorrow . At this point we are expecting a full house so will not be able to accommodate any further ticket requests. We will not be handing out paper tickets so please just come along  for a prompt start at 2:15pm and enjoy the performance . If children have been given permission, they will be able to be dismissed from the CCC. If we have not received permission, children will return to school for around 3:15.

Pr 7 Updates Feb 13th/Feb 15th


We have been invited to watch the Pr 5 and Pr 6 Scottish Opera Dress Rehearsal  Performance at the Culduthel Christian Centre. (1.30 pm)

Once that is finished we are walking to the IRA for a PE session with Mrs Chisholm. We will be dismissed from the IRA at 3 pm. Pupils must have a full change of PE kit and clean indoor trainers.


Edinburgh Trip Fundraiser: The pupils are running  stalls which will run at break time and lunchtime. Baking from all pupils would be appreciated.

Thank you for supporting us with these events


TESCO Tokens – Lochardil comes first!

We are delighted to share that Lochardil has received the most number of tokens in the recent round of  the TESCO Community Awards Bags for Life Scheme. Our Wise About Waste application should now be more achievable and we look forward to using the money (£4,000) effectively.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us.


P6/7 – Primary 6 Bible Alive and Primary 7 Enterprise

This week we had our first Bible Alive session which focused on the first part of the Old Testament. We learnt about what Christians believe happened in the beginning and looked at stories such as Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark. The best part was that some of us even got to dress up as some of the biblical characters (see below for Rowan’s interpretation of Noah!). We are looking forward to the next 6 weeks.

While the primary 6s were busy the primary 7s teamed up with the primary 5s from P5/6 to work on an enterprise project for Blythswood, who are raising money for the fire services. P5 and P7 were busy generating ideas for their venture and have come up with an excellent product to sell. Once we have signed up we will receive £25 from the  charity to help us kick-start our business. We hope to raise as much money as possible in the 4 weeks we will have to run our business. Keep your eyes peeled  for more information soon!