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P6/7 – Remembrance Poppies

In the lead up to Remembrance Sunday, and as part of our art for our World War One topic, P6/7 have been busy making poppies to be included in our whole school display.

As we are an ECO friendly school we chose to use recycled plastic bottles to create our poppies. Once we had carefully cut out our desired poppy shapes we used acrylic paint and sharpie to create our realistic looking flowers. We think they are really eye-catching and will be a great addition to the display.

When we tweeted our pictures we even got a retweeted from Poppy Scotland!

P6/7 Titanic Workshop

Last term P6/7 were studying the Titanic for our topic and this week we has a fantastic day rounding off our learning with a whole day workshop experience from Titanic Honor and Glory.

We recreated the story of the Titanic, from the building of the ship to the tragic sinking, through a range of curricular areas. We loved dressing up and dramatising important parts of the story; this helped us to fully immerse ourselves in the story and understand the events and emotions felt by those involved that much more.

We also took part in art activities,  learnt about some of the science behind the how the ship worked and played lots of fun games. We even got to handle real artefacts from the real ship, including part of the second class staircase banister and a very rare S.S Titanic plaque from one of the lifeboats which transported survivors to the Carpathia!

Sean, who was leading the workshop, was super impressed with our “enthusiasm and exceptional knowledge of the topic” (direct quote!).

We would like to thank Sean for a fun filled day full of learning!

Pr 7 Resilient Kids

We have started  a 6 week transition programme called Resilient Kids. We work alongside Donna and Jackie from the Inverness Royal Academy. We look at our emotional literacy/wellbeing and how we can cope and deal with the changes ahead. We talk about our emotions and discuss possible scenarios or pupil experiences which may cause problems/dilemmas  and feelings linked to these.

Resilient Kids is a Highland Council publication and we have used it successfully in the school at key transition stages.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about the resource, please let us know.

Fancy Dress Disco

A huge well done to all our Primary 7 pupils who spent a lot of time planning and organizing this year’s fancy dress disco. The stalls were all so creative and interactive and the DJs kept the party going all night.

A special thanks to the members of staff who gave up their free time to help make our night a success.

Well done to everyone involved!

Pr 7 Disco arrangements 30.10.18

Times to be there…

DJs and those collecting money – 4.45 pm

Setting up your stall – come when you need to as long as you are ready for 6.10 pm


Stalls finish at 8.45 pm. Tidy up your section. (Wipe table,  pick up litter on dining room floor, brush floor)

Hall needs to be brushed at the end of the night. You will be dismissed at 9.10pm. 

THANK YOU for all your preparations and hope we have a great time!

Fancy Dress Disco 30.10.18

Come along to our Fancy Dress Disco


ELC – Pr 1               5.00 – 5.45 pm

Pr 2, Pr 3                 6.15 – 7.15 pm

Pr 4,Pr 5, Pr 6         7.45 – 9.00 pm

£3 entry

Please collect  your child from the hall. 

P6/7 – Ness Book Fest Reading Challenge

Today we took part in a reading challenge where we had to engage in 20 minutes of silent personal reading. The whole school took part in the challenge as part of the Ness Book Fest event this week. We enjoyed the challenge as it gave us an opportunity to relax with some of our favourite books.

P6/7 Trip to My World Of Work

Just a wee reminder that we have our first trip to My World of Work tomorrow. We will be leaving at 11.40am as our session starts at 12.30pm therefore a packed lunch will be required.

Thank you in advance to our parent helpers for as assisting with this trip.

P6/7 – Open Morning Invitation

Just a reminder that we will be hosting our open morning on Tuesday 9th October between 11am and 11.45am. 

The focus this term is literacy and we have chosen to use out Titanic topic to do this. 

Come along to see:

  • Titanic Stories

  • Shoe Box Cabins we created using research notes

  • Morse Code Challenge

  • Other literacy activities

We look forward to seeing you next week!

P6/7 – Sponsored Run – 3/10/18

We spent the afternoon running around in circles as we completed our sponsored run. Everyone worked incredibly hard to achieve their personal goals, whether they chose to walk, jog or run. There will definitely be some tired legs tonight! Well done everyone!

P6/7 – Morse Code

As part of our Titanic topic we have been learning about some of the technologies that they had on the ship, and in particular Morse Code.

This week we got the opportunity to use a real morse code machine (a big thank you to Michael’s dad who allowed us to borrow his equipment). We practised using the morse code alphabet and wrote secret messages for our friends to decode. We couldn’t believe that people used to send messages this way!

P6/7 – Sphero Workshop

On Friday we visited the STEM Hub at the UHI.

At our workshop we were learning how to write code and completed a number of challenges using a Sphero robot. We had to make it go in a straight line, make is dodge obstacles and then code a dance for it to do!

Art That’s Good Enough to Eat! – P6/7

This week we have been studying the artwork of famous American painter Wayne Thiebaud. He is famous for his colourful paintings of popular items; he especially liked painting food.

The style of art he creates is called realism and he was able to make his paintings come to life through his use of shading to make the pictures appear 3D.

We chose to try out our own art work based on his famous cake paintings. We used chalk pastels in vivid colours to capture the pop art style he used in the 60s. We used black and white pastels to shade light and dark.

This is the original painting that inspired out work

Image result for wayne thiebaud cake

And here our some of our own cake pictures; we think we did an excellent job! Good enough to eat!