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Instigate Positivity P5/6

Today we were talking about anti bullying week. Some children identified that a lot of people get bullied for the way they look, features and differences they have. We discussed how we are all unique and spread some positivity by sharing what we like about our bodies. Can you guess what everyone likes about themselves ? Some comments included: 

“I like my big brain because it helps me be smart “ 

“I like my feet because they help me play sports” 

“I like my eyes because they are different colours.”

“I like my heart because it’s kind and gives me life.” 

#bodypositivity #antibullying #unique #Differentisgood

P5/6 Sum Dog Success

Mrs Kellacher received a letter from Sum Dog today to congratulate our school on taking part in the Sum Dog maths week challenge ,before the holidays, with Lochardil pupils answering more than 5000 questions with an average accuracy of over 85%.
We are very proud to announce that P5/6 were the class with the highest score in our school. Keep up the good work!

P5/6 newsflash

This week in reading we’ve being learning inferencing and predicting, and in maths we’ve learned about money. We subtracted,added,divided and multiplied money. We’re starting our rehearsals tomorrow, for our pantomime Cinderella .

I (Archie) am delighted to have been invited to the ACU BRITISH CHAMPION PRESENTATION because I got fourth place in the ACU British Championship this year. The presentation is in Birmingham  in January.

by Aidan and Archie ( this week’s bloggers)

P5/6 Term 2 Overview

Welcome back to a very chilly, autumnal term 2, in P5/6. It was great to see everyone back today. You all seem to have grown over the two weeks! This is a very exciting term in our class.

We are super excited to share that we will be working with Mrs Prentice’s class and Miss Graham’s class to produce, direct and perform a pantomime for our IDL topic , this term. Our topic is called Lights, Camera, Action !  It is a great chance for us to work with a range of other pupils and develop our skills, confidence and knowledge in expressive arts. We all got to chose today which groups we would like to be in : scenery and background, costume design and making, hair – make up and props.

As well as being part of our home base teams we will all be given the opportunity to have an acting, singing or stage management role in the production. We hope you will all be able to come along in November to watch the show. More information to follow.

Please follow the link below to access our overview of this term.

 Term 2 overview

Fancy Dress Disco 30.10.18

Come along to our Fancy Dress Disco


ELC – Pr 1               5.00 – 5.45 pm

Pr 2, Pr 3                 6.15 – 7.15 pm

Pr 4,Pr 5, Pr 6         7.45 – 9.00 pm

£3 entry

Please collect  your child from the hall. 

P5:6 Holiday HWB Challenge




P5/6 October Holiday Challenge : Make the world a better place

Your holiday assignment this term is designed to ensure that you make the most of the time off school, whilst at the same time giving you an opportunity to develop your skills and improve your HWB.

Your Challenge:

Over the holiday, your mission is to complete 2 or more of the challenges listed below. Have a look at the challenges now. If you have already completed some, ignore those and concentrate on the other ones. 

Try to select challenges that won’t be too easy for you to complete: the ones that you think are harder are more likely to be more rewarding. You don’t have to complete all the challenges listed, but give as many challenges as you can a try. ??


??It’s sometimes easy to think that growing up is all about school, and that school is all about grades. The “to do list” presented overleaf is a challenge to all Year Seven students: try and complete every one of these thirty challenges before your thirteenth birthday. Each one is important. Each one will help you on your journey to becoming an adult, and help you live a happier life. ??Growing up in the twenty first century isn’t easy, and there are lots of pressures on your time that can sometimes distract you from doing what you are supposed to, but completing the challenges on this list will help remind you what is important…


??Recording Your Experiences:

Once you have completed your selection of challenges, you could pop a video or post in class Dojos to share what you did, what happened and how it made you feel. 

??For Parents:

I hope that students find the challenges listed both beneficial and rewarding, as well as memorable. The challenges should all be possible with little or no input from adults, and with little or no resources. If parents or siblings want to join in, then all the better!


?Tell someone how much they mean to you . 

?Do a household chore without being asked.

?Dream about your future and decide what you need to do to get there.

?Read a book by an author you’ve not heard of.

?Take some time to relax. 

?Sort out what you don’t need and give something to charity.

?Speak out when you see something you don’t think is right.

?Walk a journey that you would usually take by car. ?Write to your MP, about an issue you think is important. ?Put on your welly boots and splash in a puddle with your family or friends. 

?Make a hot drink for you and your family. 

?Spend some time outside every day. 

?Write a list of things you would like to accomplish by the time you are 12.

?Make s gift for a friend to make them happy.

?Hand write a letter to someone special and post it.

?Switch off your on-line presence and avoid all electronics or internet for 1 day. 

?Make a list of all the positive things that you can be thankful for.

?Talk to an older relative about your family history.?Pick up someone else’s litter.

?Carve a pumpkin. 

?Bake a cake for someone.

?try a new food you have not tried before. 

?Learn to play a song on a musical instrument.

?Skim a stone.

?Make a list of 10 things you like about you.?

?Talk to an older relative about when they were young.

?help cook your favourite meal.

?Research a charity and organise a fundraising event.?Learn a magic trick.

?listen to some new songs . 


Remember: the more challenges on this list that you complete, the happier you are likely to become. Make the world a better place

P5/6 Floods of Fun

P5/6 had great fun this afternoon testing our sustainable houses to see if they were able to withstand a flood. They all survived! Now  we need to alter them to survive a volcanic eruption?look at these little faces #havefunlearning #qualityeducation #learningforsuatainability 

Reporting to you from P5/6

?P5/6 have been working together to build a sustainable city. We had to think about how we could protect our buildings from Natural hazards such as floods, hurricanes and tornadoes ?

Today we took #learningoutdoors and became reporters .There were reports of droughts, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis in Legosville.Each gave a detailed insight into the impact of the disaster and how lives, rights and #GlobalGoals had been affected. #DYW  #UNCRC #ResponsibleCitizens

Science Fun

We had lots of fun in p5:6 making our own Volcanoes today ! We learned about chemical reactions using acids and alkalines. We also learned how to write a scientific report. Jake taught us all about pyroclastic flow?


Read All About It


P5/6 have been learning about the features of a newspaper and we wrote our own newspaper report about the disaster of Pompeii. We really enjoyed exploring some newspapers to get inspiration for creating our headlines .

And Breathe

Our P6 pupils learned a lot about yoga, last year, with Mrs M.H.  They asked if they could share their learning with the class as a tribute to Mrs. M.H. This was a lovely idea ! Over the last two weeks , Mia, Harry, Jayden and Lilly have been  Hey teaching us how to use Yoga to be more aware of our bodies, breathing and mind. 

We have had lots of fun trying out some of the more challenging moves and it is teaching us to be more mindful. 

We enjoyed it that much that we now plan to incorporate weekly yoga sessions into our timetable.


It’s been a fabulous first week in P5/6. It has been great getting to know everyone and having a little insight into eachother’s lives through our info bags.  We have also got out class charter displayed. We created this on our transition day . 

Our PE days will be Monday and Thursday. Miss Barclay will teach us P.E. I will be posting an overview of the term,  next week.

 I am looking forward to meeting some of you on Tuesday and Wednesday . If you requested an appointment, I have sent a little note home in school bag mail to confirm . 

Some of the parents/carers are linked up to our class Dojo which is fab. I will send out notes next week with sign up details. This will enable you to contact me direct and keep update with your child’s school day.  If you have any questions please feel free to message me or call during school times. I will also be around at the end of each day . 

Have a great weekend .

Miss C MacDonald

Class Teacher