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P3 Information Detectives

P3 Information Detectives

Today we worked with a partner to report information we have found out about Antarctica. We then gave each partner a star and a wish for how well they reported the information.

P3 – Roots of Empathy

This week Primary 3 have been discussing why babies cry.  We know that crying babies are not “bad” babies; they are babies that have a problem that they need help with.  We made a book of reasons why a baby might cry.

We are all very excited to see Baby Isla again next week!

P3 Symmetrical Stars

P3 Symmetrical Stars

We are looking at the importance of stars in different religions. Today we were discussing the importance of a star in the Bible. We even managed to make the stars symmetrical!

Friday Cinema Trip and Children in Need.

A wee reminder that tomorrow morning P1A, P1B, P1/2, P2/3 and p3 will be visiting Vue cinema to see The Giant Pear.

We are really looking forward to a fun day at the cinema.

Just a reminder that it is also Children in Need tomorrow so the children are allowed to dress down for the day. Please remember to bring in your £1 donation for dressing down as well as extra pennies if you would like to donate to take part in any of the wonderful games that will be on offer.

See you all tomorrow!

Miss Munro 🙂

P3 Cinema Trip

Everyone is very excited about our trip to the cinema! Please bring a snack to take with you.

The school is also holding a ‘dress down’ day for Children in Need. Pupils who come in their casual clothes are asked to make a donation of £1. There will also be stalls and games to play at lunchtime!

P3 The Snow Queen

P3 The Snow Queen

We read the Snow Queen and then used our Emotion Works cogs to come up with lots of words to describe feeling scared. We then used body shapes to describe how happy feels.

Friday 16th of November Cinema Trips and Dress Down Day

Good Morning!

We have had a lot of parents asking across p1A, P1B, P1/2, P2/3 and P3 regarding what the children should be wearing on the cinema trip this Friday.

As it is Children in  Need this Friday the school is having a dress down day to support the charity – where you will bring £1 to school as a donation.

We are happy for the children who are attending the cinema in the morning to also show their support for Children in Need by dressing down. The children will be wearing their high vis vests over their clothes for the trip so there is no need for them to also have a Lochardil jumper.

Please come dressed down on Friday with your £1 donation! We are very much looking forward to our cinema trip. 🙂


Miss Munro