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Friday 16th of November Cinema Trips and Dress Down Day

Good Morning!

We have had a lot of parents asking across p1A, P1B, P1/2, P2/3 and P3 regarding what the children should be wearing on the cinema trip this Friday.

As it is Children in  Need this Friday the school is having a dress down day to support the charity – where you will bring £1 to school as a donation.

We are happy for the children who are attending the cinema in the morning to also show their support for Children in Need by dressing down. The children will be wearing their high vis vests over their clothes for the trip so there is no need for them to also have a Lochardil jumper.

Please come dressed down on Friday with your £1 donation! We are very much looking forward to our cinema trip. 🙂


Miss Munro

Primary 1A Forest School.

In order to make sure that the Primary 1’s are ready to leave for forest school as soon as possible on Tuesday, we would ask that your child is at school and lined up for the first bell at 10 to 9. The children will come into the classroom slightly earlier than usual so we can make sure that we are ready to go for forest school.

Many Thanks!

Miss M 🙂

Litter Picking

The Primary 7’s have been most helpful today by helping train their primary 1 buddy how to pick up litter in the playground.

The Eco team visited our class to show us how much litter they had found just this morning, managing to fill almost 3 bags!

As a school we aim to look after our school and wider environment by keeping it clean and tidy. The primary 7’s accompanied the primary 1’s today on their first Lochardil Litter Pick in Primary 1.

We learned how to use the litter pickers properly and safely following the guidance and expertise of our primary 7 buddies!

A big thank you to P7 for all your help today!

Primary 1A Forest School – Week 1

Primary 1A absolutely loved their time exploring and learning new things outdoors in the woods during our first forest school!

The Primary 1’s had the best time collecting autumn leaves and conkers, as well as heating up water to make a lovely hot chocolate.

We were all very impressed with how well prepared the Primary 1’s were for their trip and wrapped up nice and warm!

There is a few items of clothing that have been left behind since our trip including a mix up between 2 pairs of water proof trousers. If you are missing anything please feel free to pop into the classroom to collect.

I am very much looking forward to hearing what they P1’s get up to next Tuesday!


Remembrance Day Poppies!

Primary 1A worked really hard today whilst learning about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy at this time of year.

After writing our poppy day poems we made our own poppies, which will be added to the whole school display, using cupcake holders and black and red paint. 

Primary 1A Cinema Trip Reminder

Primary 1A are very much looking forward to their upcoming cinema trip to see the Giant Pear.

Just a wee reminder to ask if all parents/careers can please return the cinema trip slip detailing whether you are available to help with supervision on the trip, as well as the £2 cost to cover the transport by Monday the 5th of November – some children have returned the slip without the £2 transport cost.

Many Thanks!

Miss Munro

Fancy Dress Disco 30.10.18

Come along to our Fancy Dress Disco


ELC – Pr 1               5.00 – 5.45 pm

Pr 2, Pr 3                 6.15 – 7.15 pm

Pr 4,Pr 5, Pr 6         7.45 – 9.00 pm

£3 entry

Please collect  your child from the hall. 

Story Sharing

Yesterday afternoon P1A had the privilege of welcoming Mrs Graham’s primary 4’s into their classroom. 

The P4’s had been working really hard on their story writing and Mrs Graham was so impressed that she she wanted to give them the opportunity to share their stories with others. 

The P4’s paired up with a primary 1 and took the time to read their amazing stories to their partner. The primary 1’s then had the opportunity to give their feedback on the stories they had heard – which was all positive! 

It was a lovely afternoon with lots of fantastic story writing and wonderful listening skills. 

A big thank you to P4 from all in P1A!  

Miss Munro



P1A – Science

On Tuesdays P1A have been learning about their senses.  The children used only their sense of touch to try to guess what was inside the socks.  After discussing their ideas with their group, they had a go at drawing what they thought might be inside.

Primary 1A Fun Run Photos

Apologies for the delay in posting our amazing fun run photos from last week, we were having a slight technical hitch with our camera, but thankfully we have managed to fix it!

Primary 1 did such a super job during the fun run. There was a lot of red faces at the end!

Monday Maths and Autumn Hedgehogs

Primary 1 worked really hard during our ordering and find the missing number games in maths this morning.

We have been learning about lots of things to do with the season of autumn. This afternoon we talked about about animals hibernating and had a go at making our own hedgehogs! Aren’t they just fabulous!

Primary 1A Week 7

Primary 1A have been working hard both mentally and physically this week! On Wednesday we took part in the sponsored run around our track to see how many laps we could do. The primary 7 buddies looked after us and were great at encouraging us to try our best.
We all had very red faces by the end! Miss Munro and Mrs Irvine were so impressed with how many laps primary 1 managed to do! Well Done!

Primary 1 have also been talking about seasons this week as we have been noticing the leaves starting to change colour on the trees. We talked about the red, orange, brown, red and golden leaves we had seen and we had a go at making our own autumn trees by finger painting.

We have also been continuing with our sounds this week, learning “b”, “j” and “z”.
We made lovely glittery jellyfish to go up on our “j” wall display.

The opening morning will be taking place on TUESDAY 9TH of OCTOBER at 11-11:45am. Mrs Jilly Munro will be teaching the class, as Miss Munro is away on a numeracy course. The Primary 1’s would like to invite you to attend their literacy lesson where we will be learning our new sound “x”.

One more busy week to go before the October holidays. We have lots of exciting things to make and do before we all get our well deserved time off!
Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Miss Munro

Lighthouses and “f” for Rainbow Fish!

Primary 1A have been getting up to lots of exciting things this week!

On Monday we read the Lighthouse Keepers lunch and we made our own lighthouses using recycled kitchen roll tubes, plastic cups and tissue paper. We had great fun!

We have been working super hard in maths this week, practicing our counting from 0-10. We worked in different groups to order our numbers, practice our number formation and work on recognising quantity for each number. It was hard work but Primary 1 all did exceptionally well!.

We have been continuing our work on our phonics sounds. On Thursday we did the “f” sound. We talked about how the sound “f” appeared at the start of the word “fish.” We read the rainbow fish story and we made our own super cool versions of a rainbow fish using a paper plate, blue paint and multi-coloured bits of paper for the rainbow scales! Miss Munro cannot wait to get them up on her wall!

In science we have continued talking about our senses. This week we did our sense of taste! We got to try food that was sweet, sour, bitter and salty.  We talked about which ones we liked and didn’t like. Primary 1 agreed that the sweet chocolate was our favourite choice.


Please remember to return all learning pathways by Monday the 1st of October with the “home” section completed. There is help and advice on how to complete this with your child in their learning pathway folder. Please also ensure that you return the activity that they completed in school with the learning pathway. Thank you! 🙂

The P1 parents curriculum evening will be held next week on Tuesday the 2nd of October. The following Tuesday (9th) you are invited to attend an open morning from 11:00-11:45am where you can join in with an fun activity that we will be doing in class. I look forward to seeing you all at some-point in the next two weeks.

Hears to another exciting, fun-filled and hard-working week in P1A!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Munro 🙂  

P1 Open Evening for Parents – Tuesday 2nd October 2018

All P1 parents/carers are welcome to attend an open evening on Tuesday 2nd October, from 6.30-7.30pm at the school.  During this Open Evening, we would like to share what the P1 pupils get up to in class with regards to literacy.  A variety of  active literacy resources will be available to peruse, and play with if you wish, as well as information on what staff use to help support our P1 pupils and what parents/carers can be doing to help support their child at home.

It would be most helpful if parents could write a small note stating that they wish to attend the open evening in their child’s red reading record books/diaries, so that the class teachers can have an insight as to how many people may be coming.