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Primary 1 Photograph – Wednesday 5th September

Good afternoon all,

Just a wee note to say that a photographer from the courier newspaper will be visiting the school tomorrow morning (Wednesday 5th September) to take all the P1s photo.

There is a letter going home with your child today with the details. Your child also received a letter home yesterday with details of how to purchase your own copy of the photo.

Please ensure everyone comes to school wearing their best smile!


Miss Munro (P1A), Mrs McArthur (P1B) and Mrs MacIver (P1/2).

Parent Open Afternoon in P1/2

Lots of happy P1 pupils and parents in the P1/2 classroom this afternoon.  The P1 pupils were excited to show off all the hard work they had been doing all week and all the new things they had learned.  What a delightful first week, and let’s keeping aiming high and achieving the best we possibly can for the rest of the term!

Meet Cuilean the Collie!

P1/2 have a very important member of the class called Cuilean the Collie!  Cuilean is going to go home with one child in P1/2 every Friday to spend the weekend with them and come back to tell us all about his adventures on a Monday.  Here is our lucky P2 pupil who has managed to take Cuilean home first!


P1 Drop-in Session

Just a quick reminder for all parents/carers of P1 pupils.  You are invited to drop in to the P1 classrooms on Friday 24th August at 2.10-2.40pm for a small open afternoon, where the children will share with you some of their learning from the first week at school.

We look forward to seeing many of you then!

Mrs MacIver (P1/2), Mrs MacArthur (P1B) and Miss Munro (P1A)

Working on our Class Charter in P1/2

P1/2 have been busy working on our class charter.  We discussed what we needed to make our classroom and school a happy, healthy and safe place to be for everyone.  We were really pleased that we had the right to play, to learn and to have fun!!  We will show you a finished version of our class charter soon!



First Day at School

First Day of School

The first day of school

Can be hard for Mum and Dad.

Part of you feels excited,

The other part feels sad.

For many years you’ve held their hand

And have been their loving guide

Now you know the time has come to leave them by my side.

But it is only for a little while

As your child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day

They will share with you all they know.

So as you walk away

Don’t worry anymore.

I’ll take care of those precious gifts

When you leave them at my door.