Ask the Experts – Saturday 30 September – Eden Court, Inverness, 10am – 4pm

Dear All

I thought you and your pupils might be interested in our event later this month, featuring children’s author Lari Don. As part of the RSE @ Inverness Launch Event, Lari will be appearing at Eden Court for FREE storytelling sessions and other interactive activities.

The event is open to all and Free to attend but if you need further information, please just let me know.

Chapel Room – Meet the Author

Lari Don reads from her books and talks about the Scottish folklore which inspires her fiction.

 10.30 am – 11 am:                          Tam Linn (suitable for ages 4 – 7 yrs)

11.30 – 12 noon:                             The Fabled Beast Chronicles (suitable for ages 8 – 12 yrs)

1 – 1.30 pm:                                     The Secret of the Kelpie (suitable for ages 4 – 7 yrs)

2 – 2.30 pm:                                     Spellchasers – Adventure Series (suitable for ages 8 – 12 yrs)

3 – 3.30 pm:                                     Lari Don tells a Viking legend and talks about researching Norse saga tales for her collection The Dragon’s Hoard (suitable for ages 8 – 12 yrs)

Maclean Room – Meet the Scientist Talks

Main room for short talks – all c. 20 – 30 mins

10am                     Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell                      We are Made of Star Stuff

11am                     Professor Iain Stewart                                   Title TBC – BBC Presenter and Geologist

12noon                 Professor Martin Hendry                              Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe

1pm                       Professor Jeremy Smith                                Scots & English

2pm                       Professor Iain Stewart                                   Title TBC – BBC Presenter and Geologist

3pm                       Professor Martin Hendry                              Gravity Sang and LIGO was Listening

6:30pm                 Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell                      We are Made of Star Stuff (as part of evening reception)

SGL Room – Meet the Scientist

Displays / Interactive activities from the following people;

Gravitational Waves Display        Prof. Martin Hendry

Marine Science                              Prof. Paul Thompson

Health / Wellbeing                          Prof. Ian Megson / Centre for Health Science

Forensic Chemistry                          Prof. Niamh Nic Daeid    Afternoon only

Also available in the room (when not talking) – Prof. Iain Stewart / Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell / Prof. Jeremy Smith

Kate Kennedy

Outreach Officer

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