P2/3 Future Dates

20.2.19          There are a few up-coming events to share with you.

27th February 2019 – Happiness Day at school. Dress down day. Bring in something that             makes you happy!

27th February  2019 – 6.30pm-8.00pm  – Health and Well-Being evening at the school.

28th February 2019 – Visit to UHI for Science Experiments – am – £2.50 cost.

1st  March 2019 –  bring in a painted stone about the size of your fist, by today. (Have stones at school for each child in the class and happy for the painting to be done in class, if that’s a help. ) 

P2 – Stick Dogs


Last week Primary 2 made stick dogs.  The children thoroughly enjoyed looking after them and they certainly got lots of exercise in the playground.  Today the children wrote all about their new pets.  They were able to use lots of interesting adjectives to describe their dogs appearance and personality.





An insight into Primary 4s learning..

We have been using VCOP to up level our writing. The focus for our imaginative stories  was sentence openers. We worked really hard to make sure that we use a variety of sentence openers to make our stories more interesting.

One of the highlights of our Mary Queen of Scots topic has been holding a mock court case over the murder of Lord Darnley.

In maths we have been learning about money. We set up a role play shop to help us with our understanding of calculating change.

Busy week in P4/5

Lots on this week!

We were looking at the amazing 9 times table, and discovering some of the very cool patterns that you can find.

As you can see, the children got so into it, that I was having difficulty stopping them!

Our fabulous primary 5 children were performing alongside the Scottish Opera people. They did us all proud. We don’t have pictures, but hopefully you managed to get along to see it.


We also had our Unicef simulation event.

I have attached the letter that Unicef issue after the simulation. Being the ‘Best Class in the School’ really helped! They were very sharing and supportive. They went through a whole range of emotions, and came out the other side much more aware of what it feels like to be in an emergency situation. Lots of super discussions.

Parent info letter Unicef Simulation Day (updated)

We also did a bit of technology. The children had to design and build a bridge that would hold 1kg. There was also a prize for the prettiest bridge which Kyla won.

Have a lovely holiday, and see you back at school on Wednesday.



Primary 1A Star of the Week!

In Primary 1A our star of the week is Emma! Emma was so caring and supportive of her friends during our UniCef flood simulation on Thursday. She was reassuring those around her and offering her help and encoruagement. It was absolutely wonderful to see and she helped put her classmates at ease.

Well done Emma for being such a caring and kind friend!

Have a lovely long weekend and I hope you all get up to lots things that make you smile! 🙂

See you on all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Thursday!

Miss Munro 🙂

ELC – A BIG Thank You

We would like to say a big thank you to Ali Traquair (Teddy’s Dad) who has worked so hard to provide the nursery children a new climbing frame.  Ali built this with his own fair hands and we are delighted to report it is a big hit with all and the children have added bits to make an assault course !!

Pr 7 Fundraiser

Thank you for the support today. We have raised about £208. The amount and quality of the baking was fantastic – plenty to tempt and feed everyone. The stalls went well and we all shared our talents and skills. We can cost out  our Edinburgh trip as we include the Disco money with today’s amount.

Have a lovely long weekend!

Pr 7 Simulation Day Experience

We were very proud of our class today. They dealt with the UNICEF emergency simulation event in a responsible, calm, respectful and cooperative manner.

We had a “debrief” after break and many of the pupils expressed feeling “annoyed” and that we they couldn’t trust us. We understood their emotions and hoped that the positive way in which they handled themselves proved to them that the experience was worthwhile. We were supported by Zoe, a UNICEF representative, who came into the class to work with us.

We spent some time reflecting on the situations of children around the world whose rights are denied for months and years due to disaster situation not just for 1.5 hours.

We were privileged to have been offered this experience as a trial school (only 1 other school has tried it out) and trust that the event will have been worthwhile.



Family Learning Event – Health and Wellbeing – Wednesday 27th February 6.30-8.00pm

All are welcome to join us for our Health and Wellbeing Family Learning Event on Wednesday 27th February from 6.30-8.00pm.

Many of our partners and local businesses have been invited to attend the event to offer information, advice and demonstrations of the services they provide to children and their families.  These include Sensatheraplay, Chip+, a mindfulness tutor, Laughter Yoga, Emotion Works, our link Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Service, Inverness Caledonian Thistle Community Department, a local chef, FITkidz and others.

Please come along to learn something new and to have fun!

ELC- Ach an Eas 12th February 2019

This week at Ach an Eas love was in the air! We created beautiful love hearts using a variety of different materials. The children wrote about their favourite part of visiting the care home. Archie said his “favourite thing was the biscuits”. Lotte decided she loved “making love hearts.” One of the residents Alice decided that she enjoyed making the bird feeders with the children and said she “loves a cup of tea, especially in the morning!” We then attached the hearts together to make some bunting which we added to their existing Valentine’s Day display.

P2/3 Museum Visit

14.2.19                   Inverness Museum Visit

Today we had a top morning at the museum.  

We were looking for evidence that the Vikings really did come to Scotland – a great opportunity to use the class Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass!

We have taken a box of Viking artefacts back to school with us.

This afternoon  some of us dressed up as Viking  boys and girls …..

looking good!